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Used automatic vibropress block machine KVM 300 m2 Denmark

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  • Photo: Used automatic vibropress block machine KVM 300 m2 Denmark
  • Photo: Used automatic vibropress block machine KVM 300 m2 Denmark

Used automatic line vibropress KVM (Denmark)
Machine for the production of paving slabs CR, 1988:
Cap. Repair, upgrade - 2010

- double layer machine
- pallet size 920x660x30, 600 pcs.
- dosing of a mixture of colors - multicolor (tape over the hopper of the top layer of concrete)
- productivity 300 m2 / 8h, for paving stones 6 cm thick
- fully automated circulation production with OMRON PLC
- 20 molds
- belt for wet products
- tape for dry products
- crane for moving wet / dry products
- cubes (clips) for packaging products
- tape for packaged products (under tuber)
- rotator for empty trays after the cube
- belt for empty pallets from the rotator to the pallet bin on the main machine

Transport requirements - packing in 40 'containers HC - 3 pcs.

Concrete plant includes the cost:
- planetary mixer OMG P-375 with skip
- 2 doors on the mixer
- total scale under the skip
- cement rock
- additive scale
- Microwave probe Hydronix
- pulse water meter
- control cabinet, Оmron plc, PC with software
- two aggregate boxes with pneumatic doors.
Transport - packing in a 40-foot container HC -1 pc.

Specifications Type CR900
Cycle time * (cycles per minute): 3
Main dimensions: L - length (mm): 8000
W - width (mm): 2000
H - height (mm): 3850
Pallet dimensions:
Maximum. length x width (mm): 900 x 750
Mold dimensions:
Maximum. mold height (mm): 375
Min. mold height (mm): 32
Maximum. length x width (mm): 830 x 710
Total weight (approx.Kg): 10550
Additional filling section (about kg): 2000
Power supply 50 Hz kW): 70

CR900 series machines are a series of KVM block machines. They are very versatile and are used by manufacturers looking for a reliable, simple and versatile machine with an average performance.
This type of machine is used for the production of all kinds of products: slabs, building blocks, bricks, paving stones, briquettes, etc., with heights ranging from 28 mm to 300 mm. Through controlled concrete processing, the machine ensures accurate filling of all types of molds with a density deviation of less than 1% and a height deviation of 0.5 mm. Controlled concrete processing also allows the machine to operate with reduced cement content.
KVM Series 900 machines have a pallet size of 920x660 mm:
The KVM version has the following features:
• Adjustable vibration system KVM with one vibration table. This system allows the operator to adjust the frequency during operation, ensuring optimum flexibility and product quality.
• Hydraulically driven filling hopper with rubber wheels and
efficient scrapers to ensure correct filling and minimize waste
• Efficient cooling, heating and filtration systems
hydraulic oil for a constant system temperature
and long life
• Hydraulically operated gasket arrangement.
• Concrete hopper with rubber or steel lining, mounted on
vibration dampers minimizing the compaction of concrete in
• Rubber bumpers located under the machine frame minimize
foundation work and reduction of vibration transmitted to
• Windows based KVM PC / PLC control system.
• Internet connection allowing remote service from KVM service
center 24 hours 7 days a week
• Face layer blending section
• KVM adjustable vibrator system with one vibration table, allowing individual adjustment of both amplitude and frequency.
• Rotating brush for cleaning the tamper head.
• System of quick change of container for filling
• Hydraulic sealing head suspension and air suspension of the mold, allowing quick mold changes
• Pallet feeder with stepless speed control,
products quickly and smoothly
• Low energy consumption motors and special energy saving features.
inscribed in the control system


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