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Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment

  • Photo: Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment
  • Photo: Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment
  • Photo: Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment
  • Photo: Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment
  • Photo: Power Plant Waste Recycling Equipment

Equipment for the processing of waste from power plants in concrete products



Transform all industrial, municipal and mining waste, carbon-free, using all by-products using the revolutionary Nu-Cement process and the "Artificial Rock" process.

Every ton of waste that SCANDINAVIAN-Rock recycles saves 2 tons of virgin material.

NOT extracted from the environment, used ashes from coal combustion in power plants.

Every ton of SCAND-Rock artificial stone used in products replaces concrete, stops the use of virgin materials and reduces CO2 emissions by 98.5% and absorbs an additional 10% when the product cures.

A. Traditional brick production relies on gas kilns.

Limited gas supplies drive prices up.
Poor quality products that spoil.
One ton of Portland cement creates one ton of CO2
Coal Ash Waste - The biggest waste problem in Europe, America, Australia.

The large 500,000 ton/year SCAND-Rock module can convert all coal-fired power plant tailings into recycled sand and road aggregate, NU-cement and building materials. Each ton of sand and aggregate produced will save 1 ton of virgin material and 985 kg of CO2 reduction from the cement industry.

The SCAND-Rock plant will be more profitable per ton of ore than metal mining.

SCAND-Rock has a unique, zero-emission, carbon-negative, cold-chemical process to manufacture building and civil engineering products from ALL coal fly ash, steel mill waste, non-ferrous smelter slag, alumina refinery, red mud, and mining tailings.

All household waste Plastic, glass waste, e-glass waste, tire waste, biomass ash and incinerator ash can be used.

The chemicals used in the process are not hazardous.

SCAND-Rock retains all heavy metals up to 10 times better than any cement process.

SCAND-Rock units DO NOT extend the life of coal-fired power plants, we turn them back into green fields without the remains of an ash dump.

industrial waste

Inexpensive supply

60-95% fly ash

Up to 35% plastic waste

Or any inorganic waste

Up to 97% metal or aluminum waste 3-8%

binder chemical

SCAND-Rock module 250,000 tons/year

built-in energy
2-3% zero waste or pollution
- Reduced to 250 thousand tons of CO2

Solar powered and biodiesel trucks.
Building materials received:

50% cheaper
No CO2 emissions
Energy efficient
High fire resistance class
Products - Blocks, bricks, paving stones, tiles, pipelines, road barriers, precast concrete.
SCAND-Rock's fully automated manufacturing facility employs at least 35 people per module, working in 3 shifts, 7 days a week, 48 weeks a year.

We can build up to 52 factories of each product per year in many countries around the world.

Current Products

◆ Plain or rendered bricks and blocks

◆ Sand and aggregate for roads and lightweight concrete

◆ Masonry bricks, blocks, pipes

◆ Paving stones, tiles, sheet products, any other curly building products

◆ Retaining walls and screens

◆ Road construction and mining.

Copyrighted technology

Products to start with:

Brick, blocks, paving stones, tiles, sheet products

Mined and crushed rock, Sand and aggregates

Fully automated SCAND-Rock block and brick factory in a 1700 m2 building, producing 24 hours x 7 days x 48 weeks per year.

Modern Swedish factories around the world

Plant capacity:

250,000 tons per year / 30 million blocks per year

High energy efficient, carbon neutral process

A. Curing chamber

B. Block machine

B. Stacking products on pallets

D. Equipment Overview

During construction using SCAND-Rock blocks giving amazing thermal qualities reduce energy consumption by 75% for air conditioning and heating

Up to 4 hours fire resistance without wood frame and lower construction cost than wood.

frame house and at the end of its service life is 100% recyclable back into a new product.

The price is up to 15% cheaper in construction compared to the same house made of facing bricks.

Advantages of SCAND-Rock

◆ Cheaper (up to 75% lower in price)

◆ Lighter (up to half the weight of cement and clay products)

◆ Fire resistance

◆ Excellent compressive strength

◆ Salt resistance

◆ Higher transverse strength

◆ Excellent durability characteristics

◆ Improved acoustic qualities

◆ Best thermal performance

◆ Completely acid resistant

◆ Can be molded into any shape (Nu-Concrete)

Current projects in Australia:

The modules are designed for 250,000 tons of feedstock per year and can recycle up to 30% of glass, all plastics, all glass, all incinerator ash, all biomass tire ash, paper pulp and radioactive waste if needed for plant use and reduction production cost is significant.

Detailed information can be obtained from a company representative.


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