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Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain

  • Photo: Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain
  • Photo: Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain
  • Photo: Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain
  • Photo: Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain
  • Photo: Mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/h) Spain

The representative of the manufacturer - the Spanish company "Maprien С.L.", offers high-quality equipment for production - Concrete plants, Automatic lines for the production of dry building mixtures, at minimum prices and convenient delivery terms.

Thank you for your interest in the products of the Spanish manufacturer - Maprein!

Maprein has been producing equipment for the production of concrete and building mixtures for over 35 years.

Concrete plants and other equipment operate in many countries of the world on all continents.

Hundreds of units of supplied equipment confirm the high quality and reliability of the manufacturer.

The company has 2 production facilities that produce modern high-quality equipment.

Mobile concrete plant of container type.
Located on a container frame.
Overall dimensions are similar to a 40 foot sea container, which allows it to be easily transported by any auto trailer.
Does not require a special foundation!
Installation and start-up in a new place in 3-4 hours!

Commercial offer for mobile concrete plant Maprein Barcelona 80 (80-90 m3/hour) Spain.


Group of bunkers of inert materials 4*10 m3

Square arrangement (2 x 2)

Total volume 40 m³

Dimensions 6.000 mm x 4.000 mm.

Dosing of aggregates into the weighing hopper through pneumatic dampers.

Pneumatic gates 300 x 600 mm for sand and 300 x 400 mm for gravel.

Opening and closing with pneumatic cylinders.

Made from sheet metal 3 and 4 mm.

Legs from HEB. Upper frame in IPE.

Reinforcement with a rolled profile.

electric vibrator

Electric motor vibrator 500/3.

Automatic weight batcher of inert materials.

Productivity 3 m³ / production cycle

Made from sheet metal 4 mm thick.

Equipped with 5 load cells

Attached to the conveyor belt with a threaded rod, adjustable in height.

Internal tile to regulate flow volume.

electric vibrator

Extraction and lifting belt conveyor.

Distance between axles 11.000 mm

Ribbed tape width 850 mm

Motor reducer 15 kW.

Vulcanized drive roller Ø 325 mm. Axle Ø 60 mm.

Tension roller Ø 325 mm. Axle Ø 60 mm.

Frame made of UPN 140. Reinforcement with rolled profiles.

Cleaning the drive and idler rollers

Top rollers Ø 89 mm. Sealed bearings

Distance between roller stations 330 and 780 mm.

Bottom rollers Ø 89 mm. Sealed bearings.

The distance between the lower rollers is 3000 mm.

Emergency stop with steel cable on both sides of the extractor belt.

Automatic cement dispenser.

Capacity 1000 kg.

Made from 3mm thick metal sheet.

Equipped with three weight sensors.

Pneumatic throttle.

Pneumatic vibrator.

Frames of cement weighing equipment.

Reinforcement with a rolled profile.

Meter and water pump.

Pulse counter from 1 to 10 liters in 2" increments.

Pneumatic opening / closing.

Water pump 4 kW.


mixer platform.

Dumping height 4000 mm.

Corrugated sheet metal floor

Legs from HEB. Reinforcement with a rolled profile.

Safety access ladder from floor level

Protective fences.

2-shaft mixer

Model TWIN 3000 / 2000

Concrete 2000 liters / cycle

Electric motor 2*37 kW.

Wear pads made of HARDOX 400

Cast mixing blades 630 HB

Water distribution system

Opening of the unloading gate by the oleodynamic pump. In case of an accident

provided with a hand pump.

EU mechanical and electrical safety standards.

unloading cone.

Made from 5mm thick sheet metal.

Pneumatic installation.

Waterproof cabinet for electrovalves.

Electrovalves for the operation of actuators.

Installation of Tecalon 8 x 10 fittings and pipes.

Compressor air tank 500 liters, power 7.5 kW.

General distributor at the outlet of the compressor. Lubrication kit.

Panel of computer control and management of the plant.

Manual and automatic control.

Operating panel with animated schematic diagram.

Contained in a cabinet, protection class IP65.

Main switch protection.

Power protection switches for all motors.

EU safety standards.

Pre-installation of electrical equipment.

Installation of electrical appliances.

Connection of the panel with electrical appliances.

Automatic control system

Management and control is carried out using PLC Siemens and PCI.

HMI interface (SCADA).

Automatic weighing, dosing and control system

Real time control. Accounting for operations and incidents and reporting.

System inputs and outputs via relay cards.

UPS protection system

Printer, LCD screen, keyboard and mouse.

Installation supervision, assembly and commissioning.

Warranty 24 months


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