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Equipment for the intensification of the brewing process

  • Photo: Equipment for malt extractives in brewing
  • Photo: Equipment for malt extractives in brewing
  • Photo: Equipment for malt extractives in brewing
  • Photo: Equipment for malt extractives in brewing

Equipment for malt extractives in brewing.

High quality equipment from one of the best European manufacturers. Reliable, technologically advanced, at a reasonable price, significantly lower than that of competitors.

Application of ROTON magnetic pulse cavitation reactor in brewing industry.

Equipment for the intensification of the brewing process.

Equipment for the intensification of the extraction of extractive substances in malt.

The processing of mash in the reactor increases the efficiency of beer production due to a greater extraction of malt extractives, saving raw materials, also improves the quality of beer wort, has a positive effect on the fermentation process and the quality of the finished drink.

The processing of mashes in the reactor for 5 minutes is sufficient for saccharification of the mash and accumulation of the required amount of dry substances, leads to a more complete cleavage of the protein, and reduces the extraction of polyphenols. The duration of fermentation is reduced to 4 days.

ROTON magnetic pulse cavitation reactors are the result of our company's latest achievements in the field of cavitation treatment of liquids in various combinations, as well as mixtures of liquids with solids.

In ROTON reactors, cavitation is created by the magnetic-pulse hydrodynamic method directly in the flow, which makes it possible to effectively process any liquid in industrial volumes. The cavitation cloud is held by the magnetic field exactly in the area of the reactor in which the processing takes place, and has an immediate effect on the raw material passing through the cavitator. This ensures high efficiency, reliability and durability of our reactors.

ROTON industrial cavitation reactors are characterized by ease of maintenance and operation, reliability and durability, high efficiency of cavitation treatment of products. ROTON reactors are designed for continuous operation in industrial environments - 24/7. The flow part of the reactors (cavitation chamber) is made of special stainless steel, which allows them to be used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


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