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Cement silo 2000 t (bolted) Polygonmach

  • Photo: Cement silo 2000 t (bolted) Polygonmach

Cement silo 2000 t (bolted) Polygonmach

The official representative of the manufacturing company Polygonmach (Türkiye) offers the Minimum Factory Prices.

Delivery from the Equipment Manufacturer to any region or country.

The manufacturer conducts installation supervision and staff training.

Polygonmach Turkish company has been a leading manufacturer of cement silos and other equipment - concrete mixing plants, sand screening and washing plants, stationary and mobile crushers in Turkey since its establishment in 2002.

Polygonmach manufactures its products in its factory located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Polygonmach products are exported to over thirty countries on four continents. Holland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco - and many other countries where buyers prefer our factories.

Polygonmach is a customer, team and process driven company where commitment to customer relationships is paramount.

Cement silo with a capacity of 2.000 T, bolted.


Silo: 2.000 T
Silo body height: 20.758 mm
Diameter: Ø 12.400 mm
Support legs: 16 pcs.
Leg diameter: Ø 400 mm
Total weight: 95.000 kg
Silo leg material: Ø323 x 12 mm steel pipe
Leg Supports: NPL 80 mm
Silo support legs metal thickness: 20-25 mm
Taper, material: ST- 37, 10 mm steel
Silo body, material: ST -37, 10 - 8 - 6 mm sheet steel.
Silo roof, material: ST-37, 6 mm sheet steel.
Internal components included.
External components included.
Silo roof with railing.
Maintenance platform included.
Loading pipe: 4'' outside the silo included.
This design of the silo is standard, if necessary, according to the technical specifications of the buyer, there may be an adjustment of the parameters.
Coating: 1 coat of anti-corrosion paint, 2 coats of epoxy paint, total paint thickness: 140 microns.

cement screw

Size : Ø 323 x 15.000 mm

Motor : 15 kW

Manufacturer : Ozbekoglu

Filtration area: 24.5 m2

3 solenoid valves with pneumatic cleaning.

Air consumption 4.5 Nmc/h

Brand : WAM or Ozbekoglu

It is manufactured in AISI 304 with a flanged filter housing for attaching to a silo with a set of 24 bolts.

Safety valve, level indicators, accessories.

Safety valve

Level indicators: 2 pcs., upper and lower level.

Bicuspid valve.


Brand : Ozbekoglu

Unloading block

Brand: Ozbekoglu

Inlet diameter: 300mm

Maximum capacity: 250 m³/h

Inner and outer bellows: rubber coated PVC

Drive group: 0.75 kW

Limit switch for retracted and extended position: on

Level indicator: 230 VAC

Operating temperature: Rated - 40 ° C / + 90 ° C

Electric control panel: Additional Option

Filter and Fan: Additional Option (may be supplied separately)


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