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Dismantling and installation of SGT Ruston, ABB, Alba Power, Alstom

  • Photo: Dismantling and installation of SGT Ruston, ABB, Alba Power, Alstom

Installation and start-up of power plants with gas turbine engines type SGT from such manufacturers as Ruston, ABB, Alba Power, Alstom, Siemens with a capacity from 2 MW to 75 MW .
Dismantling of power plants.
Each SGT type gas turbine engine has different variants, each SGT engine has been owned by a different company over the years.
Such as Ruston, ABB, Alba Power, Alstom, and now Siemens.
For this reason, I ask you to indicate the exact name of your gas turbine engine and provide documents for the package and engine passport when contacting our specialists.
Works include the following activities:
- testing the engine at full power before dismantling;
- preparation of a sales contract;
- assessment of the risks required for the safe decommissioning of gas turbine equipment and power equipment;
- preparation of manuals and step-by-step instructions;
- physical dismantling and removal of all related equipment;
- Moving through the territory of the customer country and loading at the port, with subsequent export;
- Delivery to the place of demand;
- Unloading the power plant at the place of regular use and the end user;
- Installation;
- Configuring all systems and starting.
Gas turbine engine service company Ruston, ABB, Alba Power, Alstom, Siemens provides services all over the world.
Development of technical specifications
(Technical inquiry) based on repair documentation.
We provide services for troubleshooting gas turbines, conducting Inspections, overhaul, refurbishment.
Please contact our duty engineers and consultants for more detailed information.
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